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Pastoral Council

Pastoral Council is a group of people who together are representing the entire parish and who plan and guide its growth. They are chosen by the parish to join with the parish priest in a special service of long-range planning, the setting of parish priorities, and the implementation of programs.

Finance Committee

The Parish Finance Committee functions as a consultative body to the parish priest.  It consists of selected professionals to advise the parish priest in these areas:

Preparation of the annual operating budget.
Long-term financial planning.


The Council ensures that an adequate system of internal controls is in place to guide the parish in caring for and managing financial resources.


Catechism sessions are open to all children who attend Holy Family Catholic church.

The success of the Children’s Catechism in Holy Family is due to our committed team of parish Catechists who give their time freely each Sunday to work with the children.

Once the children have started schooling, they are welcome to join with Holy Family catechism sessions on all sundays during mass. Where they begin to look at their faith in a more formal way in small groups with children of a similar age. Catechists help the children to grow in their awareness of God and knowledge of the Catholic faith. The children also get involved in all sorts of parish activities, to help them realise that they too are part of the Church.

250 Club

The Holy Family 250 Club is a fun way of raising much needed funds for the Church, while also giving members the chance to win cash prizes every month.

The 250 Club is so called because originally there were originally 250 members helping to raise funds for the church through the club.  Anyone is welcome to join – the more members we have the more money that is raised for the Church, and also there is more money to give away in prizes. Click HERE for more details

Cash Counting Group

We Holy Family Church is having a set of team, who help the church in counting the coins every sunday. 

St. Vincent De Paul Society

The St Vincent de Paul Society ( SVP) is an international Christian voluntary organisation dedicated to tackling poverty and disadvantage by providing practical assistance to those in need- irrespective of ideology, faith, age or gender. The Society is a lay organisation initially formed in Paris in 1833 by Blessed Frédéric Ozanam and his companions and active in England and Wales since 1844. Placed under the Patronage of St Vincent de Paul, it is inspired by his thinking and works. It seeks, in the spirit of justice and charity, to help those who are suffering poverty in whatever form.


Strengthening family life through friendship and faith.

The Catenians of Holy Family Catholic Chuirch are committed to their Faith, their families, to those in need and to each other. Our primary purpose is to establish a network of friends, which enhances their family life, strengthens their Faith and sustains them in difficult times. We support each other, the Catholic Church, young people and those in need.

The Catenian Association offers opportunities to:

  • Meet and pray with fellow Catholics with similar values

  • Become part of a close community offering lifelong support and friendship

  • Be part of an organisation which values friendship and social activity with other Catholic Families

  • Respond to initiatives and undertake good work for the benefit of others.

  • The Association is non party-political and is neither a fund-raising agent nor Catholic action pressure group.

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